Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Becareful of unclear photos on blogshops!!!

Recently I bought about 5-6 items from a certain seller, and I am very unhappy with the seller's service. So unhappy that I must rant out, if not I'll never be able to rest! :P If you're unwilling to read long ranting post just scroll down to the bottom to look at the photos.

From the start, I went through her blogshop and decide that I want to purchase about 6 items from her blogshop, and so I emailed her. It was on a Wednesday.
Hi, I'm interested in getting a few items from your blogshop, payment thru internet banking and collection by registered post, can you give some discount?
1. XXX 10/10 $5
2. XXX 10/10 $5
3. XXX 9.5/10 $5
4. XXX Brand New $4
5. XXX Brand New $16
6. XXX Brand New $4.05

Her reply:
Hi Christina,
Thanks for dropping by Ittybittywhale!
If you're confirming all 6 items, total would have been $39.05 w/o postage. I'm willing to deal at $37 with registered postage. Is that okay with you?
Hope to hear from you soon!
Best regards,

I thought it's a pretty good deal and paid on the same day (Wednesday).
She replied saying that my items would be sent out latest by Friday.

On Friday she emailed me:
Hi Christina,
I'm sorry to inform you that the pink striped top is not in sale condition anymore as I just discovered a huge ink blotch on it last night.
As such, I have provided you with a monetary refund (transaction ref XXXXXXXXXX) of $8 and a credit of $4 on your next purchase on top of a free gift.
I deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Even though the item was supposed to be $16, I decide to be a nice buyer and decide to let her off. Until.. I received the items on Monday and I didn't like what I see. The conditions of the items do not match the ratings she wrote on her webpage, the free gift was some really cheapo item. plus the clothes are mostly far too big for me so I end up giving them to my maid. But before I gave them to my maid I wrote an email to feedback.

My feedback:
Hi IBW, I would like to know why was I refunded only $8 when the pink top is
$16? I'm not interested in the free gift and felt kinda "cheated" in
this situation. And I would also like to feedback on some of your

The earrings which you stated it's BN are rusty/tarnished and I cannot
wear them anymore.
The skirt seems to be torn at the side, it looks very weird. I'm
not sure why the "torn" was not stated, but I thought 9.5/10 for a
skirt like that seems a little "off".

Do let me know what you think.

I must say if she wants to reply your mails, she'll reply really fast!
Her reply on the same day:
Hi Christina,
This is my reply to your email.
The earrings were bought from another seller and it was stated brand new by her. I did not even try the earrings on and so I didn't know that it has been tarnished in the interior. But before mailing out the item I did check that it was not rusty on the exterior. And the slit on the skirt is not a tear. It is meant to be part of the design.
It's a mistake on my part for only refunding you $8 as I thought the top is $12. I have refunded an additional $4. The excess $4 has been used to offset registered postage which cost about $5.

I hate seller who pushes blames to others and pretend that they have done/said nothing wrong. Anyway she didn't reply my last email.

I've attached a photo of the earrings. The exterior is also "rusty". I
don't think that is part of the design.

So after the whole chunks of words, here are the photos..

This is the photo and the below description is by her.

Hearts and Studs, $4.05
3 pairs of heart-shaped studs
Silver, red, white
Not sold separately

This is the photo I took and sent to her.

So moral of the story, please becareful of sellers who posts unclear photos on their blogshops!

It's not the money but the frustration of not getting the promised goods that makes me angry. I'm usually not a super fussy buyer as I know there are risks involved and also different people have different perception. For example something that might be conditioned as 8/10 by me could be 7/10 or 6/10 to person A, yet to person B it might be almost totally flawless at 9/10 or even 9.9/10.


  1. OMG! What a waste of your money to buy tarnished rusty earrings from someone! I've seen those Diva earrings you bought at their shops at more than half price! I think brand new for just less than $5 or so. And anyway the stuff from Diva are mostly made in Indonesia and are really cheap so I would nv buy anything from Diva unless they are at less than $5-10 for accessories which I think worth normally worth tat price.

    Btw, I wan to ask u about the Lotree BB cream. I remember tat time u said u din like it and I wondered if u had already thrown it away? If not, can I do an exchange of item with u? Cos I wanted to try the BB cream from this brand so badly but nv have the chance.. so if u still have it and dun mind exchanging with me for another item, please let me know and I shall send u an email k? :)

  2. Hi C,
    Do you mean the Lotree Primer Tinted BB Cream? I think I still have it. Do email me. :)