Sunday, April 30, 2006

29/04/06 uglyfatchick falls sick.

Short NOTE - to those of you who has my bloody handphone number, my current 6600 pai liao (spoilt already).. sometime work sometime don't work. and the reception is getting worse? shitty I know. Will quickly find work >earn money >buy new plan & phone. Grrr..

Saturday noon decide to meet darling at JP to go his house. (on the way can go buy ice blend drink.) Darling laughed at my silliness. make me so paiseh (embarrassed).

I was dressed to party. (DXO remember?)
mini skirt & heels.

After lunch, I slept at darling's house.
Sleep like pig until around 7?
Head was starting to pound.
Had dinner at his place. (he asked his mum to buy crab for me..)
I couldn't sallow, at one point I choke on my food. -.-
Yes I did drink a lot of plain water to get the food down..

Rushed darling to go out. Wanted to go esplanade, but the bloody weather was making me damn sick nor. Went cine to look for gift (darling's friend's house warming). & guess who we saw?
Mr Luke. He was going to DXO. & I was supposed to see him there. :p

Cine was getting so crowed and I couldn't stand it so went to Heeren. (more peaceful cause every store closing le). Walked around but couldn't find anything I wanna buy so went to take neoprints. I think I'm really super sick. Look at my face.. pale like ghost loh. :(

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