Tuesday, April 4, 2006

today :)

It's been donkey years since I use OMG.
oh.. and Good Luck.

A couple of days in that empty house has made me dumb.
Honestly it's only been a few days without the comp, and I'm acting all strange.

Good thing that darling's family are realy nice people. heh.
I've been at his house since this afternoon. playing comp, reading my emails, playing a bit of PangYa & Maple. woo.. and dinner and Durian too. :p

nope, darling is not in the house with me. He is working.. BLEAH~
tomorrow is going to be the same thing. I'll come over for lunch and play all I want.

Anyway, i'll be goign off soon. mike's bro commign home soon. he's goign to take over the comp and i'll have to go back to that house.. haiz...
well, if i have the time, i'll updates again.. :)
see yah. ~~

P.S: Photos will be updated when i get my room back. :)

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