Friday, April 14, 2006

where will i stay. who will i follow?

When parent splits, the kids are the ones who suffer the most.

I'm fine with the war at home.
Even if they really sign the papers, I think I can handle it.
but the real casualties?

3 young kids who have not even complete primary school. (pri 3,4,5)
By the way, their attitudes are getting worse each day.
There isn't a day I dun have to scream at them.

I know these family problems shouldn't be up here at all.
but I just can't take it anymore.

before you shoot your mouth off and say you want to sign the papers or you don't care about the family already.
Please think for your kids.
What will they think? How will they feel? How will people look at your kid? How will your kid feel?


You're robbing your child/children of his/her/their need of a family.
Each one take a step back is it so difficult?
Compromise. That hard?
Sometimes I feel that adults are too inflexible for their own good.
and their selfishness is incredibly annoying.
Which is why I feel I would make a terrible mum.

Yeah. this is a ramble post.


  1. well, at least they get to spend time as a family in the past. Some kids don't. they are born in a single parent family. isn't that sadder? With no taste of a complete family?

  2. If you never had a complete family you might not know how it feels like and how sweet it is.

    But when you're born into a complete family and then it's taken away from you, wouldn't you feel even more sad?

    Complete family on the outside doesn't always means that the whole family get to spend time together as a family. Some parents work so much that they hardly see their children.