Sunday, December 30, 2007

22 December 2007

I miss everyone so much that I just had to go for the class gathering even if I've other things to do. Thanks Mandy, XY and PZ for organizing it. =)

It's a day hard to forget, with all the rain, irritating BBQ delivery uncle and weird bus drivers!

A bit of clear sky after the rain. =)

No idea how this happened, but I kinda like it. :)

Merry Mandy..

If it weren't for the silly thick coals, the fire would have been started long tine ago and more people would have food to eat. Honestly that BBQ food/charcoal/ice provider sucks big time. -.-

Hungry people looking kinda lost.

Opps. my bad.

Why what are we waiting?

XY's the only one who's posing for me. :(

That helpful "neighbour" was nice enough to help us take a group photo, but hor, he don't seemed to be very skilled. He left one of my sisters out! how could he? My chio chio de LeeLeng! I'm so sad can? :(

Right after the photo, I had to rush off, I was like 1hour late or something? :p
Got to rush home to pack my bag.

Because the bloody park is so bloody dark, I had to trouble Shan's bf to drive me out. Thanks to Shan and partner (sorry, your name is Kenny right?). Really thanks a lot! :)

I had little time but I also have little cash, so I decided to take MRT instead.
That was a bad choice...

Guess what happened???

The seat beside me was a little wet but my side was dry, so I sat there. After a few stations, suddenly I felt something hit my head. Using my hand to feel what hit me, and it's wet! I look up to see water dripping from the top. argh...

This is my wet seat.

I end up sitting on the edge of the chair the whole journey back, afraid that the water would "wet" me, not that I'm very dry (rained rmb?), but I just don't want wet patches on the back of my shorts.

To make matter worse, there's this guy who boarded at the same station, sat directly opposite me. Seems pretty normal until he kept smiling at me. I almost wanted to run somewhere to hide. Scary fella.

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