Friday, December 7, 2007

fu*king unwell.

My PageRank dropped to ZERO. and I'm very very sad.

Went to see doc on Thursday morning,
she gave me 2days of MC and tons of yucky medication.
I was coughing my lungs out really. Everytime I cough, my head spins. argh. hate it.

Thought after 1 day of rest I would be a lot better le, who knows, I woke up on Friday feeling worse. Block nose came back and I had trouble breathing properly. Needless to say, Sat-Sun fishing trip to Malaysia was cancelled.

With this kind of bad weather, all of you must drink more water and take good care of your health k.. don't be like me. waste time and money. :(

And I hate the medicine. :(


  1. The weather's causing many to fall sick yes!
    Better take care uh! (((: