Sunday, December 2, 2007

Every single year without fail..

I shop like mad just before Christmas.

Now.. so what can you get for me this Christmas/New Year? (You know you want to..)

1) 1 pair of Jay Chou Concert Tickets
2) Customised Brass Name Necklace any of these names: "Christina" "Weiya" "uglyfatchick" "chicky"
3) Movie Vouchers?
4) Zhong Ji Yi Jia "下集" VCD
5) Shu Uemura false eyelashes or Fasio hyper-stay glitter mascara.
6) BEAUTE de KOSE Snowflake Compact (looks really chio. :P)
7) New contact lens
8) DVD Player best if it comes with a working TV. =)
9) New face brush. Not those plasticy/rough kind please. I prefer some things to be nice and soft. Maybe like the ones from bodyshop.. hee..
10) Ang Pow aka Red Packets. [PS: I accept POSB Bank transfer and paypal.]

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