Sunday, December 2, 2007

My first Marathon

I think I lost my mind.

I know I had a bad sore throat and baby says I could have died.
I know I didn't have enough rest (slept at 12+am).
I know I stopped training more than a month ago.
I know I was alone from start till end.

but I also know half of those who know me, would have thought that I would give up and go home to sleep. I felt the need to prove them wrong. and I finish the 10km Marathon in less than 1hr 30mins. woo hoo~ I'm a happy little girl. wait. make that a very painful little girl.

My body is aching now. :(
From my legs to my back. I can't even walk straight now. wait. make that I can't even move without "ouch-ing". My fingers are the only part of me that doesn't make me go ouch when I move them.

What makes things worse, I'm down with some stupid bug. Sore throat, slight fever, headache and blocked nose. bah. I feel like dying now.


My baby ran 42.125km. He's not much of a long d runner and we both know what made him run this run. For his friend. RIP.

So what's my reason for running?
I ran because I want to support ITE. (My run is 90% sponsored by ITE)
I ran because I knew while I was running, my baby's somewhere running too.
I ran because I know there's always a first time for everything.
I ran because I love running. (but always hate the pain after-that)
I ran because I saw my friend cheering for me. (Thank you Wilson! )

Looking at my 10km medal, is it worth this much pain?
I think baby and I both know the answer.

Anyone interested in running 21km next year?


  1. still run!! lol
    what about our big walk agreement?
    the last event was like 2 years ago i think. and no more after that. sigh


  2. woo congratz for completin =D haha.. guess impossible for me go try long dist.. so long my stitch is dere..

  3. dk, why salute?

    kiamchai, hmm.. bigwalk no more liao right?

    jas: Thanks. I also have stich, I was like pressing my tummy the whole time. lols.