Saturday, December 1, 2007

My first Dinner & Dance

This year's theme is Hollywood Night.
I spent a bomb on this event.

My first pair of boots. SGD99 (after discount SGD81)

My first coat from G2000. SGD199 (after 50% discount, SGD99.50)

1 pair of Dodo club & 2 pairs of U-nuco fake eyelashes. about SGD18

Round earrings from Diva. SGD10

Cute bracelet also from Diva. SGD10

Having fun taking photos with the nicest boss/colleagues I've ever met. Priceless.

We hearts free Polaroids.

We hugs free cute soft bears with our photo on it's T-shirt, more. :p


  1. Wah ... over 200 dollars for one event ... *faints*

  2. fun fun and more fun!!!
    nice boots!! bought from where eh?


  3. Rinaz, hopefully that's the only event I have to spent so much. *sweats*

    Kiamchai, from URS. Very ex leh.. if not for the event I also wouldn't bare to buy loh.