Monday, January 28, 2008

Do I look like I print money?

I'm sorry, I feel like ranting and letting off some steam. Please bare with me k? :P
Thank you.

Somehow I think I gave people the idea that my money drop from the sky or my boyfriend pays for anything I want.

Did anyone thought about how hard I worked?
I work and get a miserable pay (minus CPF it's really peanuts.). But I decide to work even harder, doing all the work that comes in. I even work when no one's around (alright, only today lah. But when work comes in, I just keep working.) I save about 40% of my pay. The rest goes into food, transport and medical (Yes I pay for my own medical bills which sometimes makes me feel damn sad because I hate my weak body. Every trip to the doctor makes my wallet bleed.)

When I feel like buying things, I use from the 40% that I saved. It's easy to say you want to save, it's another thing when you try to do it. I'm proud to say that I manage to save at least 10% of my monthly pay (even while pampering myself quite often). I know I need to save more when I eventually have to stop work and start studying. At 20 I feel kinda lousy.

I know some people who spend everything they earn. I also know people who doesn't work and keep asking for money or "borrow and not return" from parents/friends. I find the latter most pathetic. It's bad enough that you don't save up whenever you have money. You even resort to borrowing money from friends and spend them on super expensive stuffs like DIOR, Guess, Gucci, LV... I'm not targeting anyone here. Just my 2 cents worth.

What do you say if I think BabyG and Swatch are super branded "luxury" items?
Okay I know that's not a very good example. But honestly. I wear the same Swatch for 3+ years. I changed the straps and battery once and I will still be wearing it. =)
Darling. I'll never forget it. My first Swatch. My first birthday present from you.

I sometimes wear my $2 plastic watch from Bangkok. I have like 2 $2 plastic watches and 3 $3 watches from Bangkok. Cheapo you may say, but I'm not born with any spoon in my mouth you know.. But... I'm really not complaining mind you..

Guardian sales sometime ago, selling mask at only $1. I bought like 10 pieces. I know I wished I bought like 20. but buying 10 pieces already have people staring at me. :p

There are so many things I want to do, so many things I want to learn, so many things I want to buy, so many things I only dreamt of getting. No matter how materialistic I am I know I'll never be happy if I know it's something I don't deserve.

Then there are people whose parents don't even have money to see doctor, yet they decide to get expensive pets (pure breeds). The worse part it's they don't work and have no savings, so when their pets fall sick, they go around telling people that his pet is so poor thing. Yes the doggies has really poor life to have met that kind of owner.

So, I feel so much better after ranting out here.
What about you? Anything you feel I've said wrongly or you think it's okay for people to borrow money to buy the chio Coach bag?


  1. It's true. Money is damn hard to earn nowadays. Saving money is not easy too unless u everyday go home straight after work, which is quite impossible for most people including me.

    I've been working since 2002. And until now, I dun have any saving... :P

    (That's quite a shameful thing to tell people)

  2. Cheap or branded, I spent it all with my own money and thus I feel proud about myself too. Even if I'm wearing a fake Guess watch.

    I know I still have my own dignity.

    And.. I look down on those who "seems" rich and boast about their branded stuffs, and the money comes from family or credit card.

  3. Don't compare.

    If you dream, archive it. Its not impossible nor is it easy. Just don't give up !

    and like you said I dont have saving either xD too many responsibilities.. but life goes on :D

    Good luck in everything !


  4. You can add me into the earn and spend category. Have been working for so many years and still nothing has been saved! Tried so many ways but all failed.

    Friends and relatives have been lecturing me and telling me the importance of saving. But still... haha...

    It's our hard earned money. So we get to spend it however we want to!

  5. Km80 : Maybe I just don't have friends to go out with. :(

    Nonnie : cheap so what? look good can liao mah. :) We got good taste. :p

    Eddy : It's hard to have any extras since everything (except pay) keep rising.

    Claudia : own money spend le also feel happier. :)

  6. dearie, cheer up, you are still young, one day you will make it, no need to be big, as in a comfortable range. i am in 30s, a total useless shopper who shopped excessively, trust me, have $$ to buy things you want is nothing great. what you are doing is commentable, that is to save. take care of your health, stay pretty & sweet.