Sunday, January 27, 2008

New year - new stuffs.

Never have I spent so much of my hard earned money in a week.

Throughout the week (19.01.2008 to 26.01.2008)...

I coloured and treated my hair for SGD110.00 and bought...

A simple brown wallet from the wallet shop (SGD23.40 after 10% discount).

2 pairs of plain wooden chopsticks and a huge bowl from MUJI as my V'day present for Defector. (SGD24.70)

2 (same monkey design different colour) T-shirts from Puremilk as Mike's super early Bday present, so that he can wear them on CNY. :) (SGD46.00)

Some candies, biscuits and notebooks to "bribe" his little cousins and friend's children during CNY. (SGD11.40)

I lost my first Swatch watch (my 17th Birthday present) that has been with me for more than 2 and a half years. So boy boy got me my first Baby-G watch (actually I had choosen and he had no choice but to come up with the money) as my Vday present. It's Limited Edition (auntie didn't tell me got cheaper same design without HEBE's authograph in it. -.-) Without him knowing, I bought a Casio G-Shock watch as our 3 and a half anniversary present for him. Auntie sold to me at trade-in price of SGD98.00.

ACER X193w monitor. My old one decide to break down and give me super funny coloured screen. Walked round and round, up and down SimLim just to find something not too expensive yet not too small. :p (SGD295.00)

Dental Treatment to clean my teeth. (SGD60.00)

These are the stuffs that I can remember..

I'm like so tired now. Cleaned up my room a little. :p
Small boss not around the whole of this coming week. I'm so going to die. argh.. Pray that I don't make too much mistakes k? :P better still. don't make any mistakes.
Pay coming in this Friday I think. It's not alot, so I better control myself.
BBQ Ba Gua this coming Saturday.
Jay Chou near my workplace this coming Sunday.
Need to take time off before CNY to spring clean.

alright. I got to go sleep le. tired..

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