Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mouth so sore. :(

First I went vivo and had my first virgin eyebrow threading session.
Eyebrow + upperlip threading (SGD15 + SGD10 = SGD25.00)

It's so bloody expensive and kinda painful.
If uglyfatchick can go through it, I guess most people can too. =)

But I really like neat eyebrows. They are like so unlike me.

You may note that I'm wearing funny colour contact lens.
They are FreshKon Colors Fusion Misty Grey -4.25 & -3.00.
Bought both boxes from Jurong Point at SGD50.00.

They make me look so weird, now I miss my G&C contact lens. :(

First photo of 2008.

I know I know.. I love those fake blue lashes too. Bought from Thailand at 39Baht (SGD1.7 only!)
Wish I've bought more. :P

oops, kinda out of topic.
So anyway, after the painful eyebrow treading, next comes the mother of all tortures.
Dental treatment.

The pain caused by the injection (anesthetic to numb my gum) is actually less painful than what I'm going through now. My dentist had overstretched the left side of my mouth, so much that it's very very sore now.

My mouth's a little swollen, I cannot eat or brush my teeth or floss my teeth or drink water properly. heck I cannot even smile properly now. :(


  1. U look so cute and beautiful!!! *3*

  2. Why not go for threading at little india? Its only 5 dollars :)

  3. Maggieque, Thanks. :)

    Rinaz, wooo.. $5? I should really go explore more. -.-