Tuesday, March 29, 2005

no job:hibrenate

yes! i've finally decide on what to do...

Before i put up my plan, let mi explain.. Yesterday, i found a job as a telemarketer with my friend.. today i suppose to go with her to the place for training (aka the first day of work). I woke up early, dressed up, & went out veri early. den suddenly she sent mi a message to tell mi she's not going.. I was like *stunned* for a moment. i did so much (esp the borrowing of clothes), walked so far & she says she's not going? just like that? okay.. i was quite pissed.. den she asked mi to go her house.. i was in a state of pissiness (if there is ever such a word). called my bf whine & complained abt ppl's work attitudes AT the bus stop. after that.. decided to go home. had to rest... after such "shocked".. okay.. that's this morning.. oh.. & i had to explain to moi mother why i didn't "go for work"..

so i had my rest at home.. & rot a little.. oh.. and i looked everywhere online for a temp job. & now.. i've come to a few decisions.

(1) - i hibernate till school starts (sleep, eat, shit only)
[no shopping, no studying, no movies, no church, no fish, no computer, no $$$]

(2) - i continue to look for jobs on my own, get pissed that i only have 2 months left.
[office-scared get bullied, sales-timming no good, factory- scared get bullied + ...]

(3) - i start studying & study only.
[no $$$..]

(4) - i stay at home the next 2 months, do the things i want to do at my own speed. Good?
[no shopping, no $$$..]

uh huh.. so you know what i've choosen? make a guess? haha.. you'll get to know soon.. :)

so yup.. today's a longy blog.. also because i'm so FREE.. yupz.. today is also a veri veri special day.. It's mi & mike's 8th monthniversary. I've changed the background song just for you my darling.. To let you know.. i cherish all the advise you gave & all the care you gave & all the love you gave.. you gave, gave & gave. & all i could say it's i love you.. eh.. this sounds mushy.. but yeah.. I LOVE YOU.. *muackz*.. :p

Taurus with Pisces
This usually is a very happy combination. Sentimental Pisces will find great comfort in sympathetic Taurus. Neptune who is the ruler of Pisces, is the higher octave of Venus, who in turn, rules Taurus. Pisces being romantic, imaginative, impressionable and flexible, is just what the Taurus native is looking for.
These two can share a great deal of their appreciation for beauty, art, sensuality and just about any of the finer things in life. Pisces is easily clouded by emotion but can be brought to reality by taurus' down to earth nature. Taurus can be helped to dream by the piscean personality. Lots of good stuff, but watch the emotions..

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