Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Darling's going crazy.

He asked me not to be late for school, and I'm always late.
He ask me not to skip school, I keep skipping school.

Not that I want you know..
but the longer I stay there, the more I feel suffocated.

I told ber that I feel like quiting school. but I know either than studying, there's nothing else I can do.. Even if I work, the same cycle will repeat. No matter where I am, I know, there will bound to be backstabbers, people who are VERY biases. and whatever shit.
I feel depression coming on me again.
All of the sudden, I find myself hating this person, that person...
I confirm it's that damn D word.

I need a place to vent some of my anger. *hint-hint*

I'm angry with A for being such an ass.
I hate people like that. I just can't change it. Sucks big time.
Part of me wants to throw tables and chairs at her.
The other part of me feels sorry for the tables and chairs.

I'm also angry with a "facilitator" who treasures that "smart-ass" so freaking much.
oh yah.. pls stop telling me how bias she is. I've been though that myself. duh.. -.-''
still thought she's really nice wor..

Most of all, I'm super angry with myself.
Why I'm so useless.

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