Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Yesterday? Mike's Birthday.

I woke up rather late.
Didn't go school.

Did the second last bit of my BAFS project.
Left a bit more but i duno how to finnish it. :(

Met darling in the late afternoon and went out to eat.
After that, we went to town to "collect" & buy his book.
Super tired. :(

Oh yah.. we took photos at the $3 "wind" neoprint sticky machine.. :)

2 times the fun.
there were nicer photos.. but we could only choose 2 each time. :(
and they gave super short timming. :(
but I think it's worth it.
Cause I look chio in the one where darling kiss me.. woo woot~
(^^ or at least I think I look chio lah k..)

Currently, looking at a japanese website for long hair hairstyles.. ;)
The models are all so chio... *drools*
Update when I've found the one I like k..
^^I mean the hairstyles.. ;)

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