Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kenny from
blogged about this pretty nifty application online called

It allows me to see which celeb I look like..
how could I not try it out?

On first try..

I burst out laughing..

Not believing my "luck" I use another photo...

holy COW!!! My mum must have watched too much ChouXingXing's movie while she's pregnant with me..

I wanna know who my darling looks like..
and tata~

2fat machicken. Do they only have Stephen Chow in their list of celebs??? -.-'''

next, I summit my little girl look photo.

sexymama, I look like my hubby Jay Chou!!! I'm so happy... ;)

So well, I played ard with other photos I have..
and let's see...

The toot-siaozhabo look

Chios seh. & My hubby Jay again..

My natural-makeup look~

Not very interested in looking like the young Leon. But the 2 hot Japanese babes!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look yummy.

So I thought I'll just give it another shot with my "attitute" look.

Look who's on the list?
Chio bus seh...

Time for the attitude babe in me to shine...

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