Thursday, March 16, 2006

Singapore seventeen card celebrated it's first birthday.

5/6 of [Optimistic 6] went down to cine early in the afternoon today, during our break to subscribe/renew the super cool seventeen card. woot~

I even went all the way to subscribe 1 year of seventeen magazine. :)

So in total, I paid $38 for 1 year subscription of seventeen mag & renew my seventeen card. yipeee... ;)

Due to lack of time, we had to head back to sch... :(

Although I'm in school, my heart was still with the event. can't wait to go back. :)

School ended around 4..
Shan, Fen & I rushed back to cine to "explore" and "redeem" some stuffs we "wanted".
woo woot~

(front & back of redemption card)

While getting the SPLASH "makeover" & "manicure", we got to see the super cute host walking around the stage. :)

The super cute host.
Randell Tan (misspell?)

I didn't know where did I get the courage to ask him to take photo with us.

I knew I look terrible.. But I just can't resist the fact that I can stand next to the hottest and cutest hunk..
Look how close we are...
he's leaning towards me...

End product of my free "manicure" courtesy of SPLASH.

My loot for the day.. woot~

Don't we all love DISCOUNTS ?

P.S: BTW, I don't wear makeup often.
But who can resist a free makeover? Yes, it's by SPLASH too. ;)

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