Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Campus Superstar : Adriano

24hours ago, I was crying myself to sleep.

25hours ago, My sis told me Adriano is OUT.
I didn't want to believe.
So I stayed up to watch THE RESULT SHOW.

I was feeling rather tired.
But I wouldn't give up. I want to see if he cried or what.
Everything was "fine" until I saw him smile.
I cried and cried.

No reason. I just cried.
Darling says I'm crazy.. cry for a stranger.

but he isn't just anybody.
He is someone who obviously has more talents than someone who is IN the bloody finals.

A girl who simply loves exams/quizes/tests actually didn't have to mood to go to school to do her bc test. and I'm that bloody girl.

I rmb telling someone, I'll go enter myself into some vocal training thingy and then join this year's campus superstar. lolz..
Until the day I become a superstar myself,
Adriano will always be my campus superstar.


Please *HUG* Me!

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