Wednesday, June 15, 2005

mi = xia xue?

Title: mi = Xia Xue??
WAhaha... I did this strange quiz thingy that i found (the link) on my friend (Luke's) Blog.

& the conclusion is that i'm like Xia Xue???
nice one.. haha

Congratulations Christina, you are...

'Xia Xue' Wendy Cheng of

You are a goddess/god. You've got the looks, the brains and the body. You have such an irreverent sense of humour, people listen to you religiously and worship the ground you walk on. On the other hand you can also be straightforward, blunt and very very controversial. That has the potential to offend many people, but of course you don't care, you just shoot. In the end, people either love you or hate you. Nothing in between.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?


  1. hello....erm..sorry but no offence I think what you say abt wendy is pretty I dun quite agree with it lah....Wendy is pretty but only when she's with her make-up...but the other rest I totally agree with it!