Tuesday, January 10, 2006

not fun at all.

Those who loves to poke fun at my fats.. yes.
I finally saw those fats in the mirror today!
not only my top gain 2 size. my bottom gain 2 size also!!!

My V day gift from darling: (Item 4)

today at levis shop...
I pick a pair of jeans, my supposed size.
went to the fitting room.. and tada..
can you believe?
It's not like 1 size or what it's a FREAKING 2 sizes!

This it is. I'm going to work off that extra 2 size and get another pair as soon as I can. hurmp. before my birthday.
My target.
2 size down.
From 99Lbs to 88Lbs den finally to 77Lbs.
no more oliy food from now. :(

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