Sunday, January 1, 2006

1 day left before all the suffering starts again..

Just now, I was talking to my mum about my bf going to study.
which will take about 6+ years if he complete the whole thing.
and her first reaction was..
*like that when then marry?*
For the first time..
My mum actually wants to throw me out of house le!!!

den was talking talking halfway..
she wants me to move out for about 2weeks.
cause my house under upgrading...
and I have about 1month to find a place to stay.
siao right???

Now I need to find a place to stay for 2 weeks.
If u know of any place (better still if it's near to bishan) for me to rent or something. Let me know kz.. but, please hor.. I have a budget hor.. Thank You.

Rmb I'm supposed to make up a list of things I want to buy?
I've decided to post those items in my Xanga blog. lolz..
that's all for today. :)

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