Sunday, January 29, 2006

moo-dy (blame it all on the zits)

Mike & Me have been together for 1 & a half year.
So fast right? lolz..

Photos I Don't Want YOU to See...

SUPER Crazy Day.
(Shall not elebrate further.)
First day of CNY (Chinese New Year) and all the "inauspicious" words all come out of my stinky mouth.

First thing in the morning,
My brother. (the oldest one who is 7 years younger then me)
was playing with marbles.
actually it's more of dropping marbles.
He enjoys dropping marbles on the floor while watching TV programme.
On the "wooden" floor he drops those marbles, creating the most annoying noise you'll hear in the morning. (either than the construction works, people fighting/arguing & babies crying...)

So my first words for CNY were used to scold my brother. I had too many nuts & potato chip and now I have tons of ugly looking things on my already uglified face. & Instant Noddles for dinner..

My only "condolence"..
I receive a letter informing me that I've won a Witch hamper for taking part in the Witch Promotion in Seventeen Singapore November 2005 issue.
I rmb the question on the contest form was to tell them why I wanna win the hamper. & guess what I say..
I want to be as pretty as Denise Keller (something along that line). lolz..
And I won.. how sweet.
Thanks Seventeen!

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