Tuesday, January 3, 2006

look what I'm getting tml..

I posted some items that I want in this 2006 on my Xanga blog.
and I've just decide to get this: (Item 1)
Someones offering me a brand new set at $20 lower than the original price.
woo~ woot~
Let's just cross our fingers and hope it works for me..

Bought new pens today. The prices of pens are going up eh? Scary.
got to update my auctions le..
no money = no shopping
no shopping = no happy
no happy = no mood
no mood = no pretty
no pretty = no mood again
no mood again = no do homework
no do homework = no future.
so must have money! den have future!

saddening news today.
while watching television programmes..
Daddy asked me if my boyfriend is saving up to get a condo.
NEWS FLASH: My dad can't wait to get me out of the house!
I'm 17 only you know.
A couple of days ago..
Mummy ask me when den marry.
now my dad ask me if boyfriend is saving money to buy a house.

For heaven's sake My boyfriend haven even start school.
and his school fees are already a huge burden for him.
and this burden wouldn't be gone until 7years later...
when both of us finally stop schooling and have stable nice jobs k..

and since when did I say I want to marry???
I thought living alone would be great you know..

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