Tuesday, January 31, 2006

rush here rush there..

Just realised I have not wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year yet... :p

Happy Chinese New Year! :p

Yesterday morning,
went to the east side to visit my great grand mother.

yupz.. on a van... & the view is great from the back! :)

My easily car sick brother acting cool with my shades..

Model material right? :)

den we proceed to the northwest Bukit Panjang to visit my aunt.

My pretty cousin's pretty dog. (Loi Loi) [abt 9years old]

Decide to go Malaysia to visit my relatives there.. :)

My smart ass brother thought they were for cable cars at first.. lolz..

They have "counters" for drivers..

The flats NEAR to Singapore..

After feedign all the mozzies, I finally get to go home!!!

Pictures in Malaysia taken on moving vehicle... :)

Will update tml on today evening k..
*tired & sick*

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