Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I am so excited that I woke up this morning at 5plus.

Went to school in plain black tee and jeans.
Ran around school to get things done for my cca. Even had a small mini role of escorting VIP to "cut ribbon" with the key... (that's for another time)
So paiseh..

The make up artist was fantastic!!! BTW, those who saw our "performance", we did everything including planning for the skit, games, tents in 2days only. The whole script. Practising and stuffs. Oh man.. I thought we did rather well already..
about 60 people signed up! Yipee!! woo woot~
we were aiming for 40 only..

Though I'm still quite upset about the 6classes which didn't get to see our booth. and about 9 classes who went to either one of the tent only. :(

We had a little bit problem with the planing..
Had the mindset that no one is going to come see us. and we'll have to learn how to bring ppl up.. and guess what? we didn't need to...
Almost at any one time, there are 3classes packed in that small area (room + corridor)

& I haven even been in the tents myself. That place is really haunted. the glass door, had weird vibrations. Things kept losing in there.
oh yeah.. remember Kmooz? Flamezz is in my school now. Joining my CCA. I hope. :p
When I spotted him, i was like.. He must join us.. He must! lolz.. funny me.

over all: very high today. :)
came back straight away sleep till now. :p
tomorrow still have school! *boo*
and after school is Mic Studio again!!!
Heard we have lots of performances this coming month! woo woot~
I Love MIC Studio! :)

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