Saturday, January 14, 2006

Christina not CRISTINA

This is classic!!!
My first hater who doesn't know how to spell my name.
woo woot~

here's my reply to miss or is it Mr or Mrs?
oh whatever.

Dear sir (teacher ask us to use sir when we dunno it's sex type)


I am pleased to inform you that my tag-board loves to be tagged at. Unlike those snobbish celebrities, I actually do reply to tags on my tag-board. However, with my friends occasionally tagging, I am afraid that you might miss my replies. Therefore I'm writing this entry for your perusal. :)

I am ASSUMING (assume = making an ASS out of yoU & ME.) that you meant to type CHRISTINA and not CRISTINA. Well, if that tag is for me... I certainly will have to reply it, right?

So, I went to and it says that TWIT is a Slang for A foolishly annoying person. That's so cool. How did you know I love being annoying? :) oh yeah. Annoying human beings are usually very foolish. Thanks! :)

next. You mention that you want to FUCK me. says that FUCK is a Vulgar Slang for To have sexual intercourse with. I'm glad you are sexually attracted to me. However I already have a boyfriend who would sexually satisfy me whenever I want. Not to mention, you are the 349572653 living thing that wants to fuck me. You should just join the queue. BTW (By The Way) , no queue jumping please. Thanks! :)

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

Christina (miss)

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