Monday, January 23, 2006

sorry lah..

I've been quite vex recently.
(tired & stress many many times a month = vex)
Projects' deadlines are around the corner and I still have no idea what I should really be doing.

Biz Communication - "group" Individual project. Having trouble thinking of how to involve all the skills in the role play which has to be part of presentation???
Due a few days before Valentines day.

Banking & Financial Services - considered done. However will have to update whenever the humongous big big big boss changes the CPF Medishield or Medishield plus stuffs.
Due date: unknown.
BFS CA2 tomorrow morning and I have yet to revise/understand that 2 chapters. *horror*

Accounting - No project. Teacher teaching lots of "difficult to handle" chapters. :(

Thinking Skill/PIE - A weird project that screws me upside down and I still do not understand how I can start. Good thing it's going to be a group project. hee...

MIC Studio (CCA) - "looking for keep-able students" & "NE Skit"
My current CCA is my life. I have a small problem here. I have to act as a sweet and cute character in a award winning skit which we will have to perform in another campus. :(

these all pretty much sums up all the "school" work that needs to be done soon.


The other vex thing is..

My guy friends.
A couple of them ask me to intro girls to them..
But I just couldn't find the right candidate to intro mah.. They are quite picky yet not really up to my single female friends standard. how could I? lolz. :p
BTW, it's not ez matchmaking when either side is VERY picky.
In any case you're wondering why the 2 guys ask me to intro guys. it's because I have many girl friends. -.-''' (U know why I have "many" girl friends? Coz I have very little guy friends lah.)

I'm super sorry. I think girls rule over guys and guys are all suckers. yesh it's true. I still think 99.99% of guys should just die now.
(can't blame me.. I've been rejected before. Dumped so many times that I lost count and well, been made to feel stupid/inferior before.)

yup yup. so before you ask me to intro a girl or a few girls to you. think about what all the bad stuffs I'll say to the girls before you ask me k. lolz.. no I'm not kidding. I still think most guys do not deserve my pretty kind sweet girl friend's hearts/concern.

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