Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Shopping at JP [May1] & "first day of school" [May2]

I looooove shopping!
While waiting for darling Mike to arrive at JP..

I went toilet.

Near the toilet there's SaSa... :)

Buy 2 get 1 free. I bought 4 packets & got 2 free. weet~ oh, I used one strawberry mask and it's nice. :) It all works out to $0.60 per pack. No matter how many packets you buy. lolz.

I bought myself a skirt from THIS FASHION. $18
Wore it straight away. Cause the skirt I was then wearing looks weird with my top. :p
Skirt is in washing machine. :)

Went Missha to find my nail strengthener but no stock. :(
Instead I bought 1 base mascara & 1 dress volume mascara.

By the way every $10 spent at Missha will entitled you to a stamp and every 3 stamp you'll get a free gift. lolz.

Spend the rest of my Labor day at darling's house. been meeting him for 3 days straight. lolz. He's my sweet baby. :)
Before I forget, Chris Lin Guo En (kor kor), I sent you an sms but I'm not sure if you've received it. If you see this, well..

Happy [belated] Birthday!

Went back home. Watched I Not Stupid Too with my parents. Both of them cried. :p It's my 3rd time watching it I still cry. I'm siaoz..

Today is the official 1st day of school & I'm in second year. (Yeah~~)
Mama Yu our accounting teacher! (woo woot~)
The sad news? I'm so going to suffer this term.
I have a teacher who's so naggy almost my whole class is complaining. (oops)

My module: Advance Accounting 1 [6 credits], Costing [7 credits], Taxation [4 credits]
My timetable is so not helping. (Can't go work.. *sobx-sobx*)

The sweetest thing. My classmates are so creative and funny I feel so blessed. ;)

Toilet is just a step away. ;)

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