Sunday, October 7, 2007

How to make Miso Soup

First, you walk into any 7-11 shop and purchase the flavour you like, I choose tofu.

Then, make sure the cup is clean.

Before you pour in the packet of soup "powder".

Add hot water. (Please get an adult to assist if you're under 12 -uglyfatchick shall not be responsible if you scald your hand and in fact any other part of your body or any other person's body.)

After you've add in desired amount of water, take a spoon and stir the mixture.
(Please be careful and stir slowly, lest you get scalded -uglyfatchick shall not be responsible)

When you see all the tofu floating up, it's ready to drink.
(Please drink the soup with care as it's still hot.)

The entry is brought to you by chef uglyfatchick.


  1. If only there's 7-11 in Brunei...

  2. You changed your Chinese name?
    I thought you're Cai Yun?

  3. Instant from 7-11?

    Thought it's the real thing..

  4. I know how to make from scratch, and it's not that hard(;

    I love miso soup by the way, but the ones here are just too salty!!1

  5. Haha...You running out of blog to post is it?

    P.S. That cant be your hand in pic4 right?

  6. Nonnie
    Don't like Cai Yun so changing to Wei Ya. you're one of those who are observant enough. :p

    Hey cute doggie on your display pic! I heard some Japanese restaurants in Singapore uses powder like these too.

    *High-five* Totally agree!

    Actually I have tons to blog, but this seems the easliest. :P
    I only take photo and describe, those hands are defector's. =)

  7. wah 7-11 has such.. din notice or e one in sp dun hav :X btw hw was e taste.. sth lk real one? haha

  8. It's pretty alright. quite blend as compared to those we drink normally. but it's not bad. really.

  9. Lol..... I rather make a cup noodle... :P

  10. oh haha okay.. will try gt it n try one of e days..