Friday, October 26, 2007


To : Nemesis, +~*hUi sh@n*~+, Nonnie King, Donny the passerby, Ah BeR bElInDa, Samantha, Kyla & Jas..

Thanks for the comments and support.
I didn't expect all of you to "turn up" and leave me such positive comments.


Haven the slightest clue on how to reply to all your comments 1-1. So I'm replying as a whole to all of you. Hope you all don't mind ah... :p

Those who know me long enough, would know that I seldom tell them when I fight with Mike (defector), or what we fight about. It's easy for everyone to assume that we never fight or scream at each other, or slam door, or shout at each other in pubic, or even walk away.

So it took me quite a long while to type out that entry. Many hours were spent because I cannot afford to give the wrong idea out to anyone. It's quite scary really. It took me many days to think over if I should blog it out.

When the entry got too long, I had to add in "spices" or what some of you call it "funny/lame stuffs", because I don't want this entry to be just another boring whining session. I want it to be in my blog for a long long time.. I want to see it when I'm no longer young, and then I can laugh at myself.

By the way, Mike wants me to tell you all that we're slowly recovering, and thanks for all your support.

So I was saying.. this "episode" really woke me up.

I realise I still don't know what LOVE is.
Do I love him? Am I sticking to him because I'm too used to him? or Do I love him, only because he loves me???

Does forgiving = Love?
Does understanding = Love?
Does caring = Love?
Does sacrificing = Love?
Does having sex = making love?
Does supporting = Love?
Does trusting = Love?

I'm curious. I want to know what love is.
Do I love myself?
Could love be lost over time?

It's stupid. because after so many years I suddenly ask something like this.


  1. Love is damn difficult. I fell in love, blew it, deleted my whole Blog and trying to start again.

    Hang in there, if you don't love, you don't get hurt but then is life worth living ?

  2. babe,

    love isnt easy. everyone has their own definitions of what love is. It is just what means most to you in that aspect. take care ok..
    call me anytime.