Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I feel so bad.

Someone at work is leaving and I feel a little sad. I've known him for a really short period of time. and I've only worked with him for like 2weeks? don't worry, he's a really old man. like 45 or something. I feel the need to clear this a little in case someone gets jealous. Bleah. :p

So why do I feel bad?
Not because he's leaving for someplace better of cause.


I deleted 3/4 of this entry, because I feel really bad. I mean I don't really know if the person I've blogged about reads my blog too. maybe when I don't have to face the person anymore, or when I can confirm that person wouldn't make my job living hell first.


And to Mr MD,
I hope that you get a better job, not that this one's bad. hahas. but you understand what I mean right? So if you ever read this entry.. Don't forget all of us here, okay? :)

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