Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Not easy being a regular's gf/SO/wife!!!

There are people telling me that they are envious of me.
All because I have a army officer boyfriend.

They think working as an officer is easy peasy.
They think he can takes lots of leaves and offs, just to meet me.
They think he only works 9-6, 5days a week.

Of cause that's what people says yah?

Did you know..
My poor defector works 7days a week sometimes?
He works from 6am to 9pm on most weekdays.
I only meet my boyfriend once a week, twice if we're lucky.
When he has to go overseas, it's weeks before I get to see him.
Even on weekends, if he's suddenly being called back to work, he has to leave me and fly back to camp.

Of cause these are only some of the heartaches I've to endure for the past 3years.
And then of cos there are also funny people who makes me wanna laugh. I've acquitances who told me that they cannot live without seeing their other halves, 2days in a row. -.-

Anyway, last Sunday, Defector was supposed to bring me out to shop. We were on our way out, when he received a message. He had to fly back to camp, leaving me to take cab home myself. I really wanna go shopping, k-boxing, pool-ing, bowling, neoprint-ing, chalet-ing, and have fun lah!

Where are the k-box sessions everyone said they wanna have? And the shopping trips? time for me to prepare Christmas presents le! argh. I think I'm sick until mad le. =P


  1. i mean yeah you were working so? who knows you might like to erm study private? or or???
    i messaged you duhh. some other day i forgot when.

  2. I miss the unexpected class chalets we used to have in the past.

    I miss you too ((:

  3. daphne. thanks, but I don't really feel brave.

    I'm tired enough from working where to got energy to study private? I didn't get your message. You've either sent to another person or the wrong number.

    ah.. the funs.. I hope we'll all have time to gather soon.. I'm missing all of you so bad.