Sunday, March 16, 2008


if you don't like to read rantings, please proceed to other blogs. Thank you.

I'm damn pissed.
Not sure if it's with myself or what.
and I hate to say this. I'm back to feeling depressed and I ducking hate the whole world now.

Why are there so many people wanting to hurt me?
Why does everyone's else’s bfs seems so bloody understanding and supportive?
Why is he always shouting at me? am I not lovable anymore?
Why is the world full of so many irritating people.
Why does people like to ducking act like they treat you well and then stab you so many times when no one's watching?

I am in no mood to talk. I hate this world. I hate this life.


I hate that bitch. You know who you are. Did I hurt you? oh.. I'm so sorry. You launch so many verbal attacks at me. Why everyone thinks it’s perfectly alright for me to sit one corner, take in all your abuses and do nothing? Oh please. I wouldn't sloop to your intellect just to show you what I'm made of. But then again.. If I lose my mind, maybe I'll have the intellect of a 1 and a half year old and then I might just do the unthinkable. Oh My Gawd! By the way, these are not a dare or threaten okay. I’m just saying I might one day lose my mind or something.

I hate that bunch of capricious, proud and petty aunties. Sorry I made them sound like monkeys, but I really don't mean it. I just don't know what do you call a group of people? oh i just said it. Ya I hate that group of big-headed, petty old women. Enuff said.

I hate my parents for always looking down on me. I pay for my own stuffs just because I hate them always looking down on me. I hate my dad. Always doubting me, always making me feel like I’m the worst kid anyone can have. If I’m a bad kid, I rather you killed me 19 years ago instead of my lil sis. Always say you’ll support whatever we do. If you really intend to support us, please don’t keep discouraging me can? I’m damn stressed out because of you. Keep saying you never stress me. You are the same as that irresponsible bossy old woman (I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT MUM!). It has always never been your fault has it? It’s just so easy for you to push the blame to others. Maybe I’m not your favourite SONS, maybe I’m just that burden you can’t wait to throw away, but I’m still your flesh and blood, old man!

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  1. Yoz.... calm down and cheer up.
    Take care.