Sunday, March 2, 2008

Very important notice.

Dear all,
I received an upsetting news today. can no longer feature about uglyfatchick's happiness.
It can only feature uglyfatchick's sadness. eg. how ugly she is, how short she is, how fat she is, how poor she is, how unhappy she is, how much she suffered, how people bully her.

She cannot even say she bought things with her own hard earn money work under stress from 0830-2030 daily, because that is "morally wrong".

Please do not that this as a joke. It is not!

Uglyfatchick has been told that all her entries make people feel that life is unfair. therefore, uglyfatchick has to stop blogging.

uglyfatchick has agreed not to ever mention that she's happy anymore (until further notice), but she will continue to blog. She urge all blog readers, please do not feel sad when her read my blog. I really don't mean to make you feel sad.

I'm fat. I'm ugly and I'm short. and I don't lived on my bf.i buy my own computer,shoes,clothes and food. that to bring you guys back to correct perception.

Anyway, someone tried to anger me by saying that I'm ugly, fat, short, act cute and not pretty. But I never say I'm cute, pretty or not short and not fat what. In fact.. argh, I think I say enough liao.

So dear readers,
please do not be alarmed when you do not see my acting-cute photos and all my latest purchases okay?

I still love you all, that's why I have to do this.

From the ever ugly and super fat chick.

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