Sunday, March 23, 2008

Splash at Jurong Point

I missed the one at Marina Square, no one went down with me. :( If you missed it like I did, maybe you'll like to make your way down to Jurong Point this week. :)

I might go for this one.. since it's near my "new second home". :P

If I still have cash that is.
If end up I really need to pay for some mess I created less than a month ago, that would leave me with only $19 in my bank account that's touchable. Yes, all but SGD19.00 of my 9 months worth of savings is "locked" for that mess.

I'm so gonna die of hunger if I don't settle this mess and get a new income source soon.

I'm updating my resume, I need a temp account/admin job either near Bukit Merah Central or Jurong West. I've limited working experience, last position was with an insurance company as a temp filling assistant for 8 months, receiving $8.50 per hour (under a recruitment agency who still owes me some backpay, therefore I'm not going to use their service until they pay me my backpay). So dear friends, if you know of any jobs that you think it's suitable for me, please inform me ok? Thanks. =)

That's all for now folks..
Promise tons of new posts coming up soon... Right after I settle my room! :)

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