Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun things keeping me busy..

Argh. not sure what virus I kenna. This time quite bad. I've been sick for like 2weeks? The strange thing is I've no fever throughout just sore throat, cold, headache, a bit of flu and then suddenly a lot of cough.

Hubby bought these for me since he knows I'm so gonna be bored at home. These can last me quite a few hours ok..

After "being forced to" work at my parent's stall on Friday, hubby and I decide to go Ikea to get some stuffs for my room! We had lunch there, no I didn't get to eat those chicky wings because I'm still sick. :( He had meatballs, I had a few meatballs and this salmon thingy. Ah... Bliss.. :)

All because of XX lah. Now I'm in love with Ikea, except that most of the stuffs I like are like so out of stock. :(

After many hours of walking around and taking down notes, we end up buying 1 tiny table for my comp SGD39, 1 white cupboard SGD89 for my room, 3 sets of 8 clothes hanger SGD1.80/set for my and hubby clothes and 1 set of 4 knifes with holder and 1 set of 2 chopping boards for my super ungrateful maid.

Why I say she's ungrateful? The chopping board and knifes in my house are like old, dirrty and un-usable already so we buy new ones, yet she say the chopping board is lousy, thin and will break easily. She just throw all the stuff into a cupboard together with the rest of the tools like screwdrivers and don't want to use them. Ass right? Grrrrrrrrrr.....

The clothes hanger are like so colourful! I like! :)

Hubby carried the super duper heavy cupboard while I carry the rest of the stuffs.
At home, hubby started fixing up/assembling the tiny table, while I cleared the old ugly fat computer table (I know my old computer table sounds like me right?).

Passing the table to my brothers so that they'll have an extra table to work on. I mean do homework on. Vacuum and cleaned up the place and realised that the wires (for the comp) aren't long enough. I want to put my comp next to my bed, so that I can watch DVD or VCD with hubby on bed. :)

We decide to go Vivo to get this plug thingy SGD33 (damn ex lah) to kinda extend those wires and we had dinner at White Dog again (this will be a separate post! :)). Now my comp is next to my bed. Muahaha..

While I try to set up the comp and stuffs, hubby fix and assemble the white cupboard. After 1-2 hours with a little of my help, the cupboard is up! woots..

Of cause I would prefer to have it in PINK, but I guess white also not bad lah..

I'm still packing my stuffs into the cupboard. Currently only manage to squeeze 19 bags into 1 drawer. Honestly, I didn't know I have that many bags. Almost all the smaller ones are in PINK. The worse case is, I think I'll need another drawer to fit my other bags. *faints* I don't dare to count how many bags I have in total lah.

The long awaited THE X-FAMILY Part 2 is out!!!

I've almost given up looking for it. Thanks ShaXiaoMei for informing that Poh Kim is selling them! :) I couldn't find the VCD version, so I just bought the DVD version SGD46.90 Super expensive, but getting to watch my 大东 again, it's totally worth it! Plus hubby also got watch mah.. *I love love love love my computer lah.* So now I'll stop packing for a while and watch finish this first.. I'll continue watching after this not-supposed-to-be-long-but-end-up-quite-long blog post! :p

Hubby bought us a new pillow! It's awfully comfortable. I like. :)

Promise more posts coming up soon. I've got like a thousand photos waiting to appear on my blog. I know I kinda broke my promise of not blogging about my happiness to somebodies, but I can't help it. If I don't blog out, one day I'll surely die of "too-many-emotions-and-thoughts-stuck-inside-but-can't-share disease".

I got to go bathe and carrying on watching my 终极一家 ZJYJ DVD. =)

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