Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I QUIT. (Long Boring Post)

*This post is about 1 and a half weeks late, I accidentally saved as draft instate of posting it. So if the whole entry sounds a bit weird, sorry ah.. cause I think I wrotetyped this on 13th March. :P*

Christina the procrastinator has a huge list of THINGS TO DO.
Wait, I think she has yet to put them into a list.

The weather's making me damn lazy. Or maybe I'm just plain lazy.

So far, I've rent and watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry VCD, License to Wed VCD and Romantic Princess DVD.

I'm playing this really annoying but very addictive game on his PSP.

I've also started looking out for jobs.
Sound like another random post today. I know. I know.
Did I mention that I've kind of lost my job? I think I did right?

Anyway, I quit last week on 5th March.
The contract is a stupid mistake.
My mistake.

When I was a temp, I could go see the doctor when I'm sick since I'm paid by the hour.
But ever since I've converted to contract staff, things are really different.

First off, I'm not allowed to take half a day of unpaid leave to see my doctor when I'm sick.

On 4th March my doctor gave me 1 day of MC, so I went home to rest, the next day I went to work even though I'm still feeling unwell and the back of my jaws start to hurt. By noon, I was feeling really sick and can't stand the pain at the back of my jaws; I went to ask my senior if I could take half a day or a day's unpaid leave to see the doctor. Guess what did she say? We can't be sure if the doctor would give me an MC, so I cannot take unpaid leave, plus it's not good to take unpaid leave. All I was given was 2 hours, to travel to the clinic at my house area, see doctor, have lunch and travel back.

2nd, ever since the 2 ladies handed up their resign letters, their work attitude have changed damn much. Acting like they are the damn boss/indispensable. (Now, I don't even care if they see this.) I never realised how much I've been affected by their bossy behaviour until my doctor tells me I look damn troubled. She gave me some tablets on 4th March for anxiety.

3rd, they keep thinking that by offering me a very good pay, 1year contract equates to having done a lot of good to me. Did you know I had plans to go study? I didn't even apply just because I felt compelled to stay on to work for you. Damn it. Please stop telling me that I'm old and shouldn't go study full time. I just realised I actually have enough for poly studies after all. With 1K in cpf, 500 in edusave plus some savings here and there. I secretly think that their happy now that I've lost the chance to even apply.

4th, with changing of job scope, comes teaching old stuffs and learning new stuffs. During this "changing period", I had to face stress from both sides. I couldn't leave without teaching finish everything and I can't learn if I spend all my time teaching. Because both jobs are under 2 different seniors, I'm damn stucked. My boss and ex senior want me to teach everything I've learned in the 8 months. The new seniors kept saying I should let the new temp handle all the stuffs himself. I taught all that I can in a week, but the new temp kept saying that I didn't teach him the stuffs. The stupid thing is, even though he has the notes (he wrote them when I taught him), he refuse to refer to them and even tell my ex-senior that I didn't even brief him on it. It's in his notes!!! Damn pissed. If anything goes wrong, it's always Christina didn't teach or teach wrongly. argh. Whatever. If they so choose not to trust me, then why make me stay time and time again?

5th, somewhat related to the forth. I could understand if I wasn't given the authority to handle claims on my own since I don't have the experience nor cert for it. Since the new seniors kept asking me not to spend too much time teaching the new temp, I would expect them to teach me more about the new work. Then my boss called me into her room and tell me that because 1 of the new senior just came back from holidays, so they don't have time to teach me, so I have to read up on my own and she'll give me a test start of next month. I agreed, since at least there are things I can do. So I printed all the stuffs and started reading them. Then I got scolded by my seniors. They say I'm supposed to read those notes at home, not in the office and the company doesn't pay me to read in the office. Note this! They are the same people who "has no time to teach me" and ask me to read all those cases on my own. Kept saying no one guided them when they first came in too. Hello.. I have zero background on this and before I signed the contract, you all kept saying will help me, will guide me, end up? I guess my mistake is in trusting you all far too much.

6th, it's my fault ok? I cannot handle this kind of stress and bullying. All was well when I was a temp. Why the sudden change of attitude? Just because my pay increased you all must bully me more issit?

7th, B, all along when I'm still a temp, I informed any of the senior seniors whenever I'm sick to ask for leave to go see doctor. Why this time it's not enough when I tell them? You kept pushing the blame away, saying you don't know what I tell them or what they tell me, but you're always so busy and they have always been in-charge of me, why suddenly I have to report to you and you never tell me I have to inform you? If I knew I have to inform you I would do that first. This is a huge mistake on my part.

8th, new senior, I know you have been poking through my blog. I have one thing to tell you. If you keep bullying anyone under you, you'll forever not find a good temp. I guess which is why E left you, M understands my pain and maybe why the supposedly new person didn't even turned up at work.

9th, I guess all you people have not heard interesting voicemails before. It's funny when you don't even know you're listening to my voicemail message yet dare to say I ask you all not to call. lols. You know, I still find it very funny.

10th, It's funny you all tell me bad things about each other and then ask me to keep them secret. Of cause I kept them well. wooo.. you cannot remember what you've told me? hahahas.. I wonder what will happen if A knows B has been talking behide her back and if C knows what A and B has said about her when she's not around. It's very funny and gossippy. but I'm not that evil lah.. hahas..

But the way, it's been 3 weeks and I'm still down with the same stupid virus, if I continue to work there, maybe I'll end up in hospital :p.


  1. wah.. e co. torture ppl lor.. where gt sick cannt apply leave go see doc de.. n is unpaid leave nt say u intend to use mc for sure..
    can directly go mom complain lor.. think dey pay u for work den v big meh lol

  2. haiz.. I just went to mom regrading the pay notice thingy. Still quite upset that I've to pay to both the company and the recruitment company a lot of money. Total add up to 3.6k loh. heartpain. All my hard earned savings. :(

  3. o.O hw come so much.. if e contract w/ e co. tot at most is pay e notice of period to quit.. jus tt sum will do.. and shld b at most 1mth.. depend on wat e contract state..

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