Sunday, March 9, 2008

Should I set up blogs for my brothers?

My brothers will be getting their own Internet soon.
That's considered early to me because I didn't get my own Internet access until like Sec 4 or something.

So my brothers are currently eleven, twelve and thirteen.
I'm still wondering if I should allow and assist them in setting up their own blogs.
Are they ready to share their views with the world? Are they ready to meet nice people? Are they ready to meet really unkind people? Are they ready to make some spare cash? :p

Will they reveal too much about their life like I do and put their lives in danger?
Will they write the wrong stuffs and get into trouble with law?
Will they verbally abuse people on their blogs and get into trouble?
Will they get hurt by other people's comments?
Will they meet people who pretends to be nice and then hurt them badly after using them?

I'm excited.
and at the same time, really worried.

So the question..
Should I? Or shouldn't I?

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