Monday, March 31, 2008

Computer-less for a couple of days..

Yes, I'm half back.

My cpu's wireless got problem so currently staying at HP Service Centre and will probably be back tml! I miss it so so so so much. :(

If it's going to be back tomorrow, what am I using now?
I'm now blogging on hubby's new laptop. HP Pavilion dv2000.

Of cos, the screen's not as big as my monitor, but check email, type a simple blog post, will do lah. :p

Yesterday went out with JS, ShaXiaoMei and Hubby. Had dinner at Fish & Co. My first time there. So paiseh and the 3 of them kept teasing me loh! :( Laugh until tummy-ache lah. Thanks ah sis. After dinner we went to K-Pool and played till around 11+. Thanks for asking me out JS and Ber, it's time we went out liao :p. Though it's kinda short, I had lots of fun. :) As soon as we've got the time, we go Chalet again k? :) Miss those nights of doing nothings. hahas. Stupid me, forget to bring my camera out. Next time must remind me k?

Now I also miss my froggy. :( Hubby ask me to leave on his bed. Honestly hubby's bed has more stuff toys than my bed now. :p I only have 1 doggy bolster (Mafia) on my bed now and he has one froggy (Dang Ou) and one polar bear. Hard to imagine an uncle like him got soft toy on his bed hor? :p

Dang Ou is a new addition to my soft toy family. He's green and cute and he's caught by hubby at Great World City's Timezone on our 44th monthiversary. =) Still remember so many people walked pass us thinking, why's an uncle with a little girl (me hugging DangOu). :p Will update photos tomorrow k. I have 1 or 2 photos of Dang Ou on my camera and my phone. really adorable. :)

Hubby's bro's gf has her own cupboard and laptop at their place. I also want one leh. But mummy say, young girls shouldn't keep staying over at other people's place. Not nice. True lah. Unless my new job place is near his place or after we ROM-ed. :p

Hubby now playing psp on my bed. He wants to get me a psp and DS for my birthday but I refuse. Cause once I start working, I wouldn't have time to play one loh.

Tomorrow, I'll send out my resumes le. Hopefully I'll get good jobs eh?
That's all for today. I wanna go rest rest early.


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