Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bye 2005 Hi 2006.

Let's do a very short mini flashback alright?

Jan-May: practically wasted all my time doing nothing.
June 20: First day of school. :) See Jay Chou upclose!!!! *faints*
August 23: Class BBQ at downtown east.
Sept: shut down my old xanga blog & wrote my fav entry.
November: AMAZING EAST!!!
December: learning to mix with my classmates! & of coz... Cute Cute Club! :)

right after i complete writting flashback.. I hear...
their having it at mount fabour... lolz..
and well..

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!
2006 will be a better year...
and I wish for, world peace! *wide smile* =)

Spring cleaning later>>>>

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