Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dang Ou, Mafia and Princess Cap

No it's not a new Taiwan Drama lah!

Sha Xiao Mei, remember this cap???

After trying a few caps at World Of Sports at PS, hubby and I decide that this cap still fits better. :P SGD19.95 after 50% discount. Still quite expensive since I seldom wear caps, but then again.. this one really fits leh.. Hard to find caps that doesn't look too awkward on me.

Here's my Dang Ou at home before we go hubby's place.

My cute cute 的 Dang Ou with my cute cute 的 hubby.
Wonders if my 大叔 will secretly hug Dang Ou to sleep when I'm not around.
Miss miss my Dang Ou.

Dang Ou on hubby's bed. I like how Dang Ou smiles. Like very very happy like that. :)
I hope everyone happy happy like Dang Ou like that. :)

Poor Mafia looking over hubby's shoulder. Hubby don't let him play psp.

Me and Mafia taken on V'day 2008.

Mafia's Story...

Mafia is 2007's Christmas present from Hubby.

Bought from Bugis Watson. Mafia has this big heart on it's butt. :)

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