Monday, February 25, 2008

How much do you give your parents?

I should be receiving a sum of money at the end of this week.
Yes, it's payday! woots.

I can't wait for it to come so that I can top up my bank account. *grins*

I've paid my own phone bills and today I even gave my parents money for the first time!
Happy happy...

I don't earn a lot, plus I pay for almost everything so I only gave my parent $100 each. I also gave my brothers and maid $10 each. But only for this month I give my brothers and maid money lah, let it be like a mini "celebration" that I've got promoted loh. hees.

Haven get pay I already use it to pay bills and give parents allowance le, I super kiasu (scared to lose) hor? :P

Anyway, just curious..
How old were you when you first gave your parents money? Was it your first full-time job?
and How much did you give?

If you're the kind who's studying and working, I salute you. I know many people who are really good children. but I also know some assholes. They are really smelly.


  1. I start giving money ever since I start working... That is like, 17?

    The amount varies from time to time depending on how much I earn.

  2. i usually give 30% of my earnings to my parents ever since i started working part-time after my As.

    Last semester break i was earning like 2400 bucks per month, and had to give 800 to my parents... felt a little pinch there >.< Haha.

    But i think it's good to pay back your parents, since i bet they must have spent a lot on us since we are born.

  3. WOW! Snowbiscuits, you earn 2400??? That's like almost double of what people like me who just started working earns..

    Then again, I remember you mentioned that you've advantage over us because you can speak Japanese.. but I can't even converse in proper english. :(