Friday, February 1, 2008

Memories (Photos + loads of words)

If you're the easily jealous type, please do not read on.
If you don't really like me, please do not read on.
If you think you know me but actually don't, please do not read on.
If you are not sure if you really do know me, please do not read on.
If you feel that I'm writing rubbish, please do not read on.
If you feel that after reading you will hate me, please do not read on.
If you think I sound like an old hag, please do not read on.
If you think you'll skip this part and read on, please do not read on.
If you think I'm stupid, please do not read on.
If you hate reading about other people's life, please do not read on.
If you hate reading chunks of words, please do not read on.
If you think as much as I do, please do not read on.

But if you sincerely wants to share my joy. please carry on. :)

29 January 2008 - Our three and a half anniversary.

I decide to put some photos together without using the collage button.
Using paint, I patiently re-size all the selected photos and carefully placed and position the photos in the black box.

Young and Playful 2004 - When I met Defector in 2004, both of us were still young.
We were always "hopping" around and I really missed those days where we would cam-whore at void decks nearby my place and even on cabs. :) Pardon our craziness. :P

Sweet and Lovely 2005 - Things got a little messy cause I didn't have things to do for more than half a year. No school, no friends, no pocket money. I helped out at my father's stall and he didn't pay me. But at least there's food everyday. Some days I just stayed home and rot. Lots of arguments later, it's finally time for me to go back to studies.
As they always say, rainbow or was it sunshine after rain? I'm really thankful for the second half of 2005. =)

*Miss my ITE classmates and teachers and some schoolmates too*

Growing Together... 2006 - We did more things I supposed. hahas. because I wanted extra pocket money, I decide to work at his friend's newspaper stall. His friend like pay 1 person got 2 person work. :P After a while it got a little tedious, as the stall is really far away from my place and somemore the stall was changing boss. I miss the $3 neoprint machine at Great World, cause got wind one. hahas. and not to forget my first paid makeover, the one where he had to take out >10 pins from my hair when I reach home. oh.. and we went on our first trip to Malaysia. :)

Busy but Meaningful 2007 - So many things happened in two O O seven. I graduated from ITE, didn't get into poly, couldn't find proper work. That few months was super miserable. I was looking for jobs every single day, but no one wants to hire me due to my limited sales experience and zero office experience. No work, no pocket money and all my friends were either busy with studies or work. I used up 90% of all my savings in my back account. All the angpow money and edusave awards money all gone. I was starting to feel really depressed again especially when Defector kept pushing me to find jobs, he doesn't believe that I can't find jobs and kept saying that I'm not trying hard enough or I'm too fussy. :( But things finally got better when I got a 1 month temp sales job at Robinson. Then I found another office job right after the 1 month sales job finishes. I've been in that office as a temp since then. Many many many low moments in 2007 but I'm glad to have survived. I'm glad that our relationship have survived too. We "as a couple" almost died a couple of times but I believe, it's through all these that we're stronger now.

How will 2008 be? Will things be better or worse?
Will I get into poly?
Will we get to celebrate our 4th anniversary?
Will I lose weight?
Will he be so busy working that he'll be married to work rather than me?
Will I stop spending so much and start saving up?
Will I grow taller? (one can dream can't she?)
Will I be prettier? Like the next Asia top model or something? :p
Will I become the next blog princess? or the next blog auntie?
Will jiejie Stephanie, Jennifer and Karen miss me? :)
Will I study hard?

Hugging my memories,
good or baddies,
they make me grow,
they make me glow.

The ever silly uglyfatchick.

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