Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Love/Hate CNY


  • lots of food
  • lots of shopping
  • new clothes!
  • angpows
  • family dinner
  • spring clean (fun)

  • feeling depressed cause I've no achievement
  • growing fat after eating too much
  • spending too much
  • new clothes don't fit (too loose/long/tight)
  • spring clean (tiring)
  • seeing relatives

I hate this stupid feeling I always get during CNY.
Like I've not done anything in my life.
I see ex classmates doing uni and I'm still waiting to apply for poly.
I see people my age doing things they want to do, moving forward and I still feel like I'm stuck somewhere.
I hate hate hate hate this feeling like I've been left out.
I hate to feel like I'm alone.
I hate to be jammed here.
I hate this feeling of useless and totally no sense of achievement.
I hate my blog design.
I hate the feeling that I've no friends.
I hate my Internet.
I hate my slow computer.
I hate that person who caused me so much misery and pain.
I hate falling sick.
I hate feeling depressed.
I hate losing.
I hate having not enough sleep because I cannot fall asleep at night.
I hate waking up feeling like shit.
I hate my face.
I hate my body.
I hate being bullied.
I hate being blamed.
I hate people saying that I'm defensive like I'm in the wrong.
I hate having no blog readers.
I hate feeling broke.
I hate feeling confused.
I hate not being about to do anything.
I hate doing nothing.
I hate when things just keep going the wrong way.
I hate when things don't go my way.

Feeling frustrated.

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  1. If you really feel all those, dont worry, you are not alone...

    Maybe not many felt that way, but at least, i felt that way too!