Wednesday, February 27, 2008

randoms and the proposal ring

Defector bought me this "mist" thingy sometime back, it makes my room feel less stuffy.
I didn't think I would actually like it. :p

A gift for me! Jennifer Jie bought this for me when she went to Japan recently.

My current momo spoilt liao... but I don't bare to use this yet..
Can you see the blue thing the little girl is holding? When you look though it you'll see this picture of a cat and a little girl. Very cute! :)

Talking about cute, I love my cute little pussy. She looks so adorable.. I know... just like me right.. :p

Dyed hair plus blings blings, boy boy says I'm so ah-lian-ish..

Anyway, I just want to share some joy.
If anyone's been noticing, I've been wearing 2 rings for quite a while.
1 is the one boy boy gave me 3+years ago and I'm currently wearing on my right hand.

The other one is this...

Proposal ring.

This simple 0.40 carat diamond ring cost SGD3788.00 from Lee Hwa.

One big diamond ring from Lee Hwa cost more than 30 times the price of the 3 tiny diamonds ring from SK.

Alright, Im going to rest le..
Working tomorrow. Bleah.


  1. WAH!! He propose to you already? Congrats!

    When you getting married?

    Photo too blur. Diamond ring cannot see clearly leh. :P

  2. DK: Thanks.
    Married? Hmm.. let's see.. by the time we saved up enough... maybe another 5years? :p

    Snowbiscuits: Thanks.
    Yes, I do feel really blessed. :)