Saturday, February 2, 2008


I'm Tigger, the energetic bouncer. I'm a ball of energy and am always up to something whether it is mischievous or benevolent. There is never a dull moment with me around.

I'm drained out. Feels I'm more like piglet. Nervous, terrorised and breaking down soon. Been sleeping at odd hours and can't eat well. Some meals, I could eat 2 mouthful and I feel really full, because I need the energy to work, I would force another 2-3 mouthfuls down my throat. Then some days I would keep stuffing food in my mouth, keep eating like I cannot feel my tummy. I'm stressed but I really don't know how to de-stress. I used to be able to buy a couple of stuffs and I'm happy, but because I need to SAVE up for my studies now, I cannot anyhow buy things. Unless I really really need the thing, if not I cannot buy.

Target to save 90% of my last pay. Can I make it? or will I crash and burn before I stop working? 6 weeks. 20++ days left.
All money saved from now onwards will go towards buying of my laptop if I'm going to poly, if I can't get into poly, it'll go towards my partime studies fund and I'll need to find another job.

I want to be Tigger again. Can I?

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