Thursday, February 28, 2008

No jobs. Give me back my pagerank lah!


I'm unhappy that my blog is not earning me money like before.
Ever since my PageRank dropped from THREE to ZERO, I've no appetite to blog!

No mood to blog, thus blog lesser.
Blog lesser thus less people read.
Less people read, thus less adverts.
Less adverts thus less earnings.

And without my PageRank 3, I've no Payperpost and Blogsvertise jobs too.
This is so bloody unfair lah! :(
I haven't been doing any ppp or blogsvertise jobs for many many many many months already loh. :(

I'm starting to feel the need to write something controversial and get myself many many blog viewers. Should I?


  1. you can't make long term money if you only blog for money.

  2. What irony. You write paid posts and you still want your page rank? If I remembered correctly, google penalizes websites heavily if paid reviews etc are seen. Thats why there are new ways to rank sites created by those review sites themselves mainly real rank or something I think. Its either you follow the big G or you go with the rest of your money making sites.

  3. LcF:
    I know I'm not like XX, but I really like having extras somewhere. Plus once in a while a bit more money for me to go shopping doesn't hurts right? :P

    irony? I jus want a nice cake and eat it too.