Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shopping craze

I went shopping again. :P

Whenever you see this line, you know what to expect le right?
Lots of photos and of cause, me complaining how much I've overspent yet again and how I should really stop buying and start saving..

Well, it's probably gonna be the same today. So if you're bored, maybe you should just skip this entry and go read other people's interesting blog. Okay okay, I'm kidding. I need you. I need my readers! Please don't go.. *shows pitiful face*.


So after after yesterday's entry, darling brought me to Jurong Point to shop again!
He promised one loh..

The ladies at work kept saying that I wear the same stuffs everyday. -.- so I bought a black top at Vida for work. Tried 3 tops, only 1 fits, so get it loh. SGD20.00. By the way the sales asst. are really unfriendly loh. I just wanted to check if they have size S and they give me that stupid face. -.- I actually didn't mind buying the 2 size M shirts but I just want to check if they have size S before I confirm getting them mah. Since they are so unwilling to help me, I decide not to buy the size Ms one and only purchase the Size S black top. If you're the boss of Jurong Point's Vida, please do some "surprise checks" on them can? Lousy service leh.

Then I bought another shirt from DANO (Dano, match and Vida have the same bosses I think.) Anyway, the staffs seems a little more friendly at Dano. They help me get new pieces, and even give me helpful advises like if the top will "enlarge" after washing so that I wouldn't get something that wouldn't fit me after 1 wash. SGD43.00 after 30% discount SGD30.10.

Darling is so sweet to get me something I've been wanting for a long time..
He got me some Fancl skincare product. it's funny I didn't even know that I'm a member. :p
Bought the cleaning oil and washing powder SGD57.50 and they gave us 1 washing puff (worth SGD10.00) and 1 bottle of Tense Up for free! But honestly, SGD57.50 for skincare is indeed a little ex for me eh? But if my skin doesn't breakout as often... hmm...

Today, Darling carried my new computer from his home to mine. muahaha...
We bought this new desktop yesterday afternoon at Harvey Norman.
It's so bloody heavy loh. But I guess it's all worth it. :)

Passed on my ex-new monitor, ex-new keyboard and old cpu to my brothers. They are so damn lucky lah. Why I suddenly get a new PC? Last year, my plan was to get a laptop if I got into poly, since I'm not going to go poly and my brothers need a comp, I shall get myself a brand new comp loh. heh heh. I know if don't surrender the comp to them soon, my dad's probably gonna nag nag and nag at me. -.- but I love love love love this new comp! I share money with my darling for this comp. We paid about 1K each and I'm so glad I bought this! :)

My favourite feature? I can watch DVD on this comp! Sweet right? I can watch my Jay Chou World Tour DVD when I have the time. Got to go study my SOP and Workman Comp guide after I blogged and bathe. Ganbatte! Work, here I come!

Wait... I haven finish blogging. :p Sorry ah.. this entry super duper long. hees.
Today went to Harbour Front/ Vivocity to mum mum. Ate pasta at Pastamania, realised pastamania seems to be getting a little expensive now? hmmm...

Went into several electronic/handphone shops and they are all mostly packed. Wanted to look for a new phone. July can change phone le. I know I'm inpatient, but I need time to save money one loh. Now save until July, just right. :) Mike bought this thumbdrive thingy, think it's supposed to make my comp work faster. 8GB SGD75.00.

We were about to go home when we walked past this G2000 shop at Harbour Front. They were having sales!!! I couldn't resist and bought 1 spag top at SGD8.00 and 1 black blazer/jacket at SGD39.00. Usual price was SGD89.00! Sweets!

Darling says I've spent way too much and we really should head home, in case I lose control and buy more stuffs. :p Just then, we went past Red 2 which is also having sales. Why is all the shops having sales now??? -.- But I didn't find anything that fits, mainly left size Ls. but I spotted this really sweet black skirt which I can wear for work, at the regular priced rack. Since I can't take leave to go back to Bishan to buy my school skirt, I decide to buy the skirt loh. SGD39.00.

I covered my eyes with my hands, all the way from Red2 to the taxi stand. Hopefully the skirt will be my last item for this month le. :P

Now I don't dare to check my bank account. :P

Alright, that's all folks. heh.
Finally nagblog finish le. pheew..
I'm going to shower and go study for work le.

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