Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poly Registration (JPAE)

14 Feb.

I planned to register for poly this coming vday.
I was so sure I'll do anything to study at NP.

3rd time lucky they say.
and I'll be a coward not to even try.

I was so excited about going to school and eating cheap and nice canteen food.
I wanted to go to school so that I can see my old classmates.
I hope to graduate and get a higher paying job (as compared to now).

I'm so ready to shop for "back-to-school" items if I do get in.

Then.. I realised I really can't afford to study full time now.
2 things I can't afford.

I'm turning 20, not too old but definitely not young anymore. If I were to study full-time, by the time I graduate and start working, I'll be freaking old like 23!! *sweats*


If I were to study full time, I wouldn't be working, thus I wouldn't have any income. I've some savings but it's not even enough to cover my school fees. If I use my savings for school fees, I don't have any left as pocket money. Both my mum and my hubby offers to chip in a little for my pocket money and school fees, but I feel really paiseh to take their money. I just can't imagine myself at 20-23 living off my mum and boyfriend. Plus I've 3 really young brothers and they need that money more than I do. If I don't study at least they can have the money for their studies. My parents are no longer young, they could at most work for another 5-10 years and that's it.

As of now, with my qualification, I can hardly support myself.
But I'm willing to work hard.
I've been temp-ing with this insurance company for 8 months already.
My bosses are pretty nice to me they fought for a tiny pay rise for me.
Yes there is a huge amount of stress (more money = more stress) but I've decided to work another year.

Please don't tell me I'm silly..


  1. Education is important. Don't let money be your barrier. Try bank loan or something.

  2. Hello, frozenmama here. Btw, I changed link already, care to relink me? :)

    Anyway, I quite admire you, you know? I have many friends who drop out when they are in ITE and they dont bother to try to get into a polytechnic whereas you have the dreams and ambitions on getting a diploma.

    "I see ex classmates doing uni and I'm still waiting to apply for poly."

    I sense the sadness in you.

    I think its good to feel this way because it will give you the determination and motivation to work harder. At least you still think about your future and not like no-lifers who just waste their life away.

    Graduating at 23 is not old. I have a friend who is 27 and he just graduated from poly. Despite being older than most of his classmates, he is a respected figure in school and helps a lot with school functions like open house etcetc.

    You can be like him. I mean, not the part about him graduating at 27. But being someone who is worthy of respect.

    I agree with dk, dont let money be your barrier =)

  3. 20 nt really tt old seriously..i hav alot of poly frens who jus went in when dey r 20+.. even gt one alr 30+ dis one :X

    but den if u feel tt nt enf.. can work part time bah.. tt hw one of my clsmate earn her pocket money.. n she oni work on sun n ph..

    but guess it harder when u cant use parents' cpf to pay for most of e sch fees..

    cos cash on other miscellous fees is lk few hundred dollar every sem..

  4. i think it's very noble of you to want to give up things for your brothers. best wishes for your future.