Sunday, February 3, 2008

My 傻小妹

Last year she bought 2 cute necklaces as my Christmas present for me but she 傻傻 de, didn't bring out when we had our class gathering. So she pass them to me during NP open house. =)(She was Shan and I's "tour guild".)

Don't see she 傻傻 de, she didn't anyhow buy presents for me k..

Not only does the necklaces come with my cute Jiro's photos...

If you notice, the necklaces are similar to Jiro's necklace in the photo!
How sweet! =)

Hey people! See my sister so sweet to me, you all leh? Not guilty arh? Don't know what to buy for me? Angpows I also accept one. :p thick skin

For this CNY I received a cute greeting card from her. :)

The little girl on the card looks like me hor? So cute. :)

Greetings in Chinese!!!


My mum laugh at me, cause got people call me 傻大姐. See where got this kind of mum de.. Laugh at her daughter because other people call her daughter silly. -.-

Anyway, I just want to say to my 傻小妹, Thanks arh.. make me kena laugh at by my mum and of cause thanks for the thoughtfulness and blessing also lah.
Sorry ah, your 傻大姐 didn't buy anything for you this CNY leh.. And send E-card like not sincere enough leh..

So I made a simple greeting picture and post it here...

For my one and only 傻小妹...

Yes, you can go ahead and laugh at my mushroom hair. again.

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